Lagosians Groan as Fuel Turns ‘Gold’, Sells for N350 Per Litre, N600 in Black Market


Business and social activities in Lagos came to a halt weekend following the continued scarcity of fuel in the city.

It was so bad that many Lagosians were full of lamentations about the hardship they have been going through in the past one week that the crisis worsened.

Some filling stations that had fuel sold a litre for N350,000.

It was a boom for black marketers who were selling fuel at N600 per litre after buying from filling stations under arrangement with the petrol attendants.

The situation forced many people who had social engagements to stay indoors.

The current crisis is attributed to the industrial action declared by the tanker drivers who are apparently protesting the order given to them by the Lagos State Government to move their tankers away from the Apapa port area that they have colonized for long now making life miserable for many residents, port users and other workers.

The other problem is the disagreement between the Finance Minister, Dr Mrs Ngozi Okonjo Iweala and the marketers on the actual amount they are being owed.

While the marketers claimed what is outstanding after the initial payment of N154bn is N200bn, the Finance Minister said government is only owing them N131bn.

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