Uzodinma: Senate Will Publish Names of Coys Involved in N30tn Trade Scam at Ports

The Chairman of the Joint Committee on Customs, Excise and Tariff and Marine Transport, Hope Uzodinma, Sunday threatened that the Senate will soon publish names of companies involved in the alleged N30tn import and export scam.
He told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that his Committee has already completed investigation against the first batch of about 60 companies and will publish names of the companies and their infractions leading to the loss of N30tn revenue.
He promised that the names of the companies will include how much has been recovered and how much is outstanding.
He said that the Committee will forward names of the companies involved in infractions to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), for recovery of the balance and even prosecution.
Uzodinma however explained that cases that have to do with smuggling will be referred to the Nigeria Customs Service for recovery of such revenues and possibly blacklisting.
He said, “We got up to the point that even the companies themselves have seen that they are culpable and that is why we want to publish the names and hand them over to EFCC and the Customs.
“The reason for the delay in publishing the names all this while is to establish culpability against the companies.
“Now through various reconciliations, it has been established and we are no longer in doubt, including the companies that are involved, that these things are in existence and that they are culpable.
“We have presented the interim report which detailed how much we have recovered so far and the Senate approved it in plenary, while an extension was given to us to do the final reconciliation.
“We do not want the emphasis to continue to be on how much we have recovered even though it is contained in the report. We want those companies found culpable to go to the government and make payments.”
“Some of the companies have started paying while others have not. None of them has fully paid what we have established against them.
“Since they have started paying, we will now transfer the matter to the Customs, who will now do a recovery schedule with the companies that are willing to pay what is due to government.
“By the time the names are published, Nigerians and the federal government will know which company is owing what and the relevant agencies will go after them to recover the money.’’
Uzodinma said his committee will start the second batch of the investigation after oversight visits to ascertain culpability.
The Committee had in October said it recovered N140bn from the companies involved.
The Senate had assigned the Committee to carry out the investigation on the N30 trillion revenue leakages in import and export between 2006 and 2017.

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