North, S’East Want One United Country, Says Osinbajo

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Acting President Yemi Osinbajo Monday said that the leaders of the North and the S’East after series of meetings have agreed that Nigeria should be one united country.
Osinbajo said that the consensus of leaders from both the North and the S’East is that Nigeria should remain one entity.
The Acting President who spoke when he met Northern leaders said that with so much blood already shed in the past to remain one country, it was too late to divide the country.
Noting that the strength of great nations was in their size, Osinbajo said Nigerian cannot be an exception.
He said, “It is heartwarming to know that we have leaders especially traditional leaders, who are prepared to make sacrifices, who are prepared to make concessions and compromises for the good of our nation and I want to thank you for that great leadership.
“In particular, I want to thank the Sultan for always being there, for always being ready to offer advice and in many times to offer an alternative view to what might appear to be the popular view and I am extremely grateful to you for all of that support.
“The way that we see things developing around our nation today (obviously as you said, even within families, you have disputes, you have controversies) is worrisome.
“All of us have however agreed that our nation must remain one. When we spoke yesterday with traditional rulers from the South-east; despite the issues that were raised here and there. I think that there is clarity as to that one thing, that our country ought to remain, must remain a united country.
“Just as I said to them yesterday, a lot of blood has been shed on account of the unity of our country and our faithfulness even to the lives of those who have made the supreme sacrifice to this country, demands that we do everything on our part to keep this country together.
“And in any event, the greatest nations in the world are those nations who have the size as well as the human resources in particular to make the best of that size, and I think our nation has that and the mere fact that we have such a large nation and so well-endowed, in terms of human resources”.

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